The Room with Closets

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107 pages


Based on the author's experiences of traveling between two unique cultures on different continents, and of living under both democratic and totalitarian regimes, The Room with Closets is a fascinating and innovative volume of short stories. These tales, all tied together by common threads, travel the literary landscape from grim political reality to joyous flights of fantasy and humor.

Join Ignacio José Conti, his extended family, and his friends to obtain a deeper understanding of life, love, and human nature. There is Margarita, and the comical reminders of death that greet her on the first morning of her honeymoon; the Spanish shepherd, Ramón Reyes, who changes identities in order to sail to the New World; and three diverse Argentines suffering the nightmare of trying to obtain a passport from their fascist government.

There is the room with closets, and its locked door that mysteriously opens by itself; the youth Batata, who hijacks a homemade "moto-copter," seeing the "Virgin of Carmen" during his flight; and Marcos Bardán, a student of quantum physics and member of the underground, who discovers how to cheat death (but not life).

Don't miss this volume of thirteen stories from another essential Latin American writer.

A. Pablo Iannone was born and raised in Argentina, and left his homeland as a result of political upheaval while a university student. He teaches philosophy at Central Connecticut State University, and has published eight books including Philosophy as Diplomacy and Dictionary of World Philosophy, in addition to several short stories.

With tones ranging from comedy to dark humor to the shadow of political oppression . . . an unforgettable portrait of human struggle, survival, and wry insight.
-- The Midwest Book Review